Saturday, June 16, 2007


The Immigration Debate

My friends Troll and Monica in Philadelphia vehemently oppose the current immigration legislation being debated in Congress, legislation that G W Bush supports. I am also opposed to any new immigration laws because we are not adequately enforcing the current law.

Troll and Monica are staunch Republicans, as I am a staunch Democrat. I've been telling my Philly friends for years that the biggest supporters of illegal immigration are their fellow Republicans; business owners who profit from the use of illegal workers and donate some of those profits to Republican candidates. Here's a poster child for my argument: Maureen Torrey.

Maureen lives not far from me on her family farm in Elba, New York. She is a past chairman of the United Fresh Produce Association and is quoted in Big push to revive Senate immigration bill. Maureen and her family donate consistently to Republican candidates - and ONLY Republican candidates. She doesn't like the current immigration law, which is hardly ever enforced by the current administration. When the prior administration tried to enforce the law in western New York, Maureen was there to protect her inalienable right to employ illegal aliens.

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