Saturday, June 03, 2006


167 Days and Counting

It’s been five and one-half months now. Five and one-half months of the House of Representatives willful dereliction of duty! This is truly a case of ”Justice delayed is justice denied.”

So much time has passed, in fact, that defenders of this Administration’s criminal acts are making believe (they may even believe it themselves) that no criminal acts occurred. They happily trot out the equivalent of “Get Out of Jail FREE” cards whenever Bush’s impeachable offenses are mentioned. Here’s a sample from just this week:The common theme here is to insulate and distance this Administration from its criminal behavior. The defenders are providing the House Republicans with bogus excuses to put clearly impeachable offenses out of their reach. I can hear the ghost of Johnny Cochran saying, “If it doesn’t Reach, you cannot Impeach!”

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